Leonardo Salas

Leonardo Salas

Software Engineer
Barranquilla, Colombia

About Leonardo

Hola! I’m a Software Engineer specializing in all things PHP and most things JavaScript. I say most things JavaScript because I just want to be respectful. JavaScript runs in space, like in the outside of the planet Earth space; not some new AWS product that they called “Space”.  And if JavaScript runs in space, and if you need to delete the node_modules folder, who does it? They probably don’t use NPM, they probably use Yarn, they must be!

All JS jokes aside, I do do quite a bit around here using PHP and JavaScript. From building APIs in Laravel to maintaining legacy web applications in Vanilla PHP, I have done it all! Vue days are really special, almost like Christmas special. I really do enjoy VueJS and how seamlessly works with Laravel, it’s really nice. I have been developing software for a very long time and I really appreciate how the web development ecosystem has evolved and how powerful it has become. 

I tried to like PHPStorm hard, but couldn’t If VS Code isn’t open, the world doesn’t spin right it seems.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Systems Engineering from University of the Caribbean

If you have any questions, please contact me at leonardo@forwardforce.io

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