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We have built dozens of apps that people love a lot as opposed to hundreds of apps that people love a little. The distributed amount of love is the same either way, but we all about the details; quality over quantity, always.
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Mobile Apps

We believe in Mobile First! We speak fluent Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin, React Native, Cordova, Ionic, and PhoneGap

Web Apps

Some business is still done in the browser, we have that covered as well, React is what we praise today, but if you prefer Angular or Vue, we don't JS-discriminate, we like those too.


Every app needs an engine, let us build you a scalable, discoverable, and secure API. Laravel, Zend, NodeJS is what we have on speed dial.


Let's scale up! Apps don't make money at 5 users, apps make money at 5 000 000 users, we can get you there! AWS is our preference, but Google Cloud or Azure is a-ok too.

Desktop Apps

Sometimes having your own desktop app is hands down cool, ask Slack. We can build you MacOS or Windows app using Electron.

Code Audit

You really want to know what's going on with your code-base? We can inspect it, take it apart, break it, hack it, put it back together. No sugar-coating.

Project Rescues

Things are not going according to plan? We can get you back on track. Sometimes done is better than perfect, let's get it done.


Not sure about anything software related? We will be happy to share our know-how and give you our playbook to building digital products.

Staff Augmentation

Need a boost? Our software engineers are ready to start collaborating with your development team and you will see commits today!
We believe...


Remain focused

We always strive to help you achieve your business goals and objectives. Your best interest is our first priority!

Be Proactive

Drive the project home, anticipate and control any situation rather than react to it after the fact.

Automation is Essential

We rely on tools to automate as much of the process as possible in order to focus on solving the business problem.

Continues Delivery

Every commit adds value, nothing is done until it ships

IP Protection

Your product is your intellectual Property. We will handle your IP with the same care we handle ours. All communications SSL, everything stored on encrypted data storage, tight access control, always.


You have the right to know what is going on with your product, good or bad. Who is doing what and why. Full access to all communication, source code, project management tool, developers is essential to build trust.
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Teodor Talov - Chief Software Engineer

Teodor Talov

Chief Software Engineer
Sahar Talov - Engineering Manager

Sahar Talov

Engineering Manager

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All Consulting DevOps Mobile and Desktop Web
SCF Music Program android app
State College of Florida admin dashboard

From our Engineering Blog

Host your website for $3.5 per month with AWS Lightsail and Ansible

Amazon Lightsail is a cloud-based service that provides developers and businesses with an easy-to-use, low-cost solution for launching and managing virtual private servers and web applications.

How to quickly encrypt sensitive information and share it via Email, Slack, iMessage

Use PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption standard to encrypt and securely transmit messages, credentials, and other sensitive information.

Get data on 150M real estate properties with our PHP SDK

Use our SDK to get data on over 150M real estate properties using API. charges $0.25 per API call, and you can get started in minutes!

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