Siege Sports – Build sports jerseys

Siege is a webapp that allows you to built custom sports apparel – jerseys, hats, you name it. They had some issues wiring up all the moving pieces together and getting the app the scale. We came to the rescue and helped set them up for growth, fixed a few bugs, and off they went. – VoIP for the future is not a new platform, but they came to us asking for some help to built better more robust telephony, so we helped them with this piece of their platform.

Trax – Fleet Managment

Trax is a brand new app that allows truck companies to manage their fleets, drivers, managers, and payroll. We were responsible for bringing this from an idea to market. We produced several products, a mobile app used by the drivers, a webapp used by managers, and an API that powered it all.

Fruition – Social Media Optimization Tool

Fruition is doing Social Media Marketing in a different way, they wanted an app that would implement their unique marketing strategy. We helped them translate their unique strategy to software code.

Copystrong – Intellectual Property Protection App

Let COPYSTRONG tell an insightful story using your pre-existing analytics toolset. Our proprietary tracking engine allows customers the ability to monitor how their content, code and platforms are being interacted with in real-time, while integrating with other analytical tools to provide the most insightful, real-time reporting in the industry.

E-commerce and inventory management

Synflex is our beloved client that we have worked with for many years. We develop a custom shopping cart solution that integrates right into their business model – order management, order fulfilment , deep analytics, etc.