Meet The Need – Volunteer & Case Management

Meet the need brings out the good in all of us. It uses AI and Machine learning to meet the needs of those who need them most. We are responsible for developing all APIs and apps to bring Meet the need 2.0 in hands of users.

Spire Advertising – Online advertising API

The guys with Spire came to us to help them design their API, initially we shared with them our approach to building RESTful APIs and they loved it. They hired us to design an API for them,  get them setup so that they can built on top of our foundation.

ESUCC – Nebraska Edu Council

Nebraska Edu Council came to us needing some help building out the next version of their platform. They had just started when we joined, so timing was great. Managing educational records across the entire state of Nebraska is no easy task, but we were up to the challenge. Although the work is still on-going, users […]

IGPlan – Instagram Automation

IGPlan needed some help auditing their codebase and wanted a second opinion as to the state of the code. We exampled everything, gave them an honest assessment, helped them with some scalability issues and shook hands as project got completed.

Trax – Fleet Management for Dispatchers

This is a React web-app that compliments the mobile app we built for Trax Fleet Management. This app allows fleet manager to dispatch and track and communicate with their trucks out on the filed and ensure smooth operation right from their desk.

Trax – Fleet Managment

Trax is a brand new app that allows truck companies to manage their fleets, drivers, managers, and payroll. We were responsible for bringing this from an idea to market. We produced several products, a mobile app used by the drivers, a webapp used by managers, and an API that powered it all.

Accubitz – Cryptocurrency investing

This is a platform that allows you to invest in Bitcoin. We were tasked to work alongside team introduce a brand new app that allows customers to invest in Bitcoin. – get advice from experts

The guys from needed some consulting around various aspects of their platform. We stepped in and brought the expertise that they were missing at the time.

BillingPal – Billing solutions

BillingPal needed some direction as to how to go about bringing a proof of concept to millions of users, we helped them out with a detailed plan, shared with them our playbooks so that they can deliver their platform to everyone.

MaxTV Media

MaxTV Media came to us wanting a code audit, we went ahead inspected the code, ran bunch of analytical tools, gave them an honest report as to where they stand.