Lucent – Home Inspections Platform

Lucent is a digital home inspection experience that allows a home inspector to manage their home inspection business in one place. Lucent guides a home inspector through, generates a report for the end customer and collects payments. We are responsible for building out the entire SaaS platform including a REST API, mobile app, DevOps, etc.

State College Of Florida – iOS

State College of Florida Music mobile app acts as a virtual catalog of all events, concerts, ensembles, composers, faculty and students.

Tidify – Automagic on demand

Tidify is a mobile app that will keep your car clean automagically. It will also save you money by generating demand and driving costs down. Tidify finds people around you, offers them to wash their cars, the more people opt-in, the cheaper the carwash. After a carwash is ordered, Tidify will contact an approved carwash […]

Trax – Fleet Managment

Trax is a brand new app that allows truck companies to manage their fleets, drivers, managers, and payroll. We were responsible for bringing this from an idea to market. We produced several products, a mobile app used by the drivers, a webapp used by managers, and an API that powered it all.

Vezde – Construction Project Managment

Vezde aimed to streamline construction management, with its mobile apps it allowed on-site personnel to communicate with off-site manager and document a historical timeline of every construction project.