Lucent – Home Inspections Webapp

Lucent is a digital home inspection experience that allows a home inspector to manage their home inspection business in one place. Lucent Home Inspections Web Report allows customers to review previously conducted inspections. We are responsible for building out the entire SaaS platform including a REST API, mobile app, DevOps, etc.

Genie – Smartbooks Accounting Platform

We are responsible for providing technical feedback and advising in-house developers. We are assisting with determining technical direction, solving complex architectural problems as well as providing direction on working with large datasets.

OnTV Digital Signage

We are responsible for modernizing client’s platform as well as maintaining their existing one during the modernization process.

Live Pay – Donations & Custom Merch Stores

Live Pay live pay is an app that allows users to create their very own merch stores, sell tickets to events, and collect donations. This platform aims to allow non-profits to drive revenue by distributing their own products.

Fruition – Social Media Optimization Tool

Fruition is doing Social Media Marketing in a different way, they wanted an app that would implement their unique marketing strategy. We helped them translate their unique strategy to software code.