A practical approach to QA

Stratified mix of automated and functional testing Our approach to improving QA is a stratified mix of automated and functional testing. Having close to 100% code coverage by automated tests is hard to achieve and harder to manage, it is important to note that automated tests themselves do not guarantee any sort of regression mitigation, […]

Configure Google Workspace as Identity Provider for SimpleSAMLphp

SimpleSAMLphp Service Provider Configuration The following technical brief provides step by step instructions how to add a new Service Provider to SimpleSAMLphp (version as of this writing is 2.0.0) and leverage Google Workspace as Identity Provider (login provider). First, you should install and be able to run SimpleSAMLphp. If you don’t have it yet running, […]

PHP internalization with Gettext and Docker

How to configure Gettext using PHP and Docker One thing that sets apart software applications is internalization. Developers often overlook the importance of internalization of their app. Let’s set that up. The Docker part (likely what you are looking for) Fortunately, there are open source tools that make translation of your app easy. Consider using […]

Boost your PHP with Opcache

Performance is king use Opcache PHP extension What is Opcache and what’s in it for my app? Opcache is an extension for PHP that is used to improve the performance of PHP applications by caching the compiled version of PHP scripts in memory. This means that when a PHP script is executed, the opcache extension […]